5 Advantages of Buying a House to Renovate

Finding the house of your dreams is hard work, and even more if it’s your first time, Surely you have a long list of special features for your dream home and you don’t want to abandon any of those features; unless you have a large budget or are someone wealthy you will have to prioritize which ones are really important in your list and be reasonable to not end borrow.

Buying a house is an important financial decision in your life, for that reason you should investigate and take your time, sometimes the house of your dreams is more expensive than you can afford, be smart and consider houses less expensive, houses than with Some changes could become the house of your dreams, but don’t take too long because someone else could buy the house you want; Now, if you want to buy a used house, we will give you some tips on why it would be a good option to buy a property to remodel.

Depending on the option to make changes to your home or opt for a new one, 76 percent of Americans would prefer to renew rather than use their savings for a down payment, according to the annual Housing Aspiration Report of the real estate information company Zillow.

In 2017, 58% of homeowners renovated their homes with an average renovation cost of $ 15,000, according to the 2018 study Houzz & amp; Home about annual renewal trends.

1-.The Location

Of all the aspects to consider at the moment to buy a property, this is the most important, you can modify everything you want in a property, but you can’t change the location, the neighborhood where you will live will influence your lifestyle and in your family, who will be your neighbors, with whom your children could join or if you going to feel safe or secure living in that place, how many hours you should drive to get to work or do the shopping, is something to analyze.

Homes in the ideal neighborhood can have a very high price range, but don’t worry, the properties that need renovation has a lower priced, and this may be your chance to enter the neighborhood of your dreams. It may take some time and money to fix it, but it will have the advantage of being in a great location. As you know, the location is all in real estate, so being in an excellent neighborhood will automatically increase the value of your home.

2-.The Price

With no doubt this is a factor that attracts much attention, who does not like to protect their savings? Generally, the houses that need repairs are the least expensive, we can even see in the real estate market, houses that with only a few arrangements are revalued. However, sometimes a cheap house become in expensive house, if the money you will invest to remodel plus the value of the house, exceeds the market price in the area isn’t worth it; But don’t be scared, there are many people who work to buy cheap houses to remodel and sell them at a higher price.

We advise you to look for houses to be remodeled that need aesthetic or functional changes, but not technical. A deformed structure, old electrical wiring, old heating systems and wet areas that can invite mold can be a headache, this type of Repairs can take a large part of your budget in something that you can not enjoy because they will be inside the walls or under your floor, it is not the same to dine under the light of your new $ 2000 candlestick than spend $ 4000 to update all the electrical wiring of your home. Too old properties usually have some of these problems, in that case we advise you to look for a good inspector before buying, the main thing is to have a safe home.

3-.Customize the House to your Liking

With a house to remodel you can give free rein to your imagination, a huge dressing room, a kitchen with island and marble countertops, a barbecue area with pool, games room, wine room or a jacuzzi; Surely this house will adapt to your needs, because it will be rebuilt as you wish, organize your ideas on a moodboard, choose a color palette, we can help you in the process by presenting some render.

The house update will add to the profitability. When you make a renovation, particularly in the bathroom or kitchen, the value of the house increases. Essentially, you are generating an instant heritage that you can use in the future.

4-. Have more space than you thought

Many times space can be a problem, and more if your family is growing, take advantage of the renovation to increase the number of rooms or if you simply want a bigger house, you can also do it, the renovation is a dream opportunity. take that opportunity

An extension can raise sqft of your property and raise the value of the house, in these times where the properties are getting smaller, the additional space is appreciated.

5-. You can do it yourself

There is no greater satisfaction than doing something yourself, when you receive visits in your home and show your friends that many of the changes was made by yourself, they will be impressed and you also get a sense of belonging, achievement and even greater satisfaction. Also your pocket will appreciate that you take care of some changes on your own; For some changes with a drill, a hammer, nails and paint will be enough, take the opportunity to develop your builder skills.

As long as the changes are not major things, you can take care of them, but otherwise, we suggest you seek help from a professional, it can result in something more expensive if you damage something on your property. Also, if it is a change that needs a lot of time, it is Better to delegate, remember the time is money, the longer it takes to finish the more expensive the remodeling will be because prices rise and the economy fluctuates, today is the best day.

Renewing is the only way to get exactly everything you want in a house, from the ideal kitchen configuration to the large cabinets you want, as long as you consider certain factors to make the investment profitable, as we mentioned earlier; A new roof, the addition of a master suite or a kitchen renovation can be key changes that will make your home more desirable in the future. But be careful not to overvalue.

If you are thinking of remodeling we can help you with the design, through our 3D Tools You can visualize the changes before building them, we can change the distribution and improve the functionality of your home, you just have to contact us and we will show you the full potential of your property.