6 Advantages Of Using 3d Tech To Sell Properties

The world is changing and the way to sell too, more and more technology takes over all areas of our lives, and real estate is not exempt from it. The first step of a buyer is to search online, for that reason you must take care of the aspect of the properties on your website or social networks, also you should advantage of all the possible tools to stand out from the competition, to take your buyer to the second step, that is visit the property, remember, the buyers will not leave the comfort of their home if what they find online is not good enough.

Now, how can 3D tech help us? I will show you some advantages and in which cases you could use it to sell your properties.

1.Give a Tour Without Leaving the Office

Show your clients all the rooms of the house without leaving your office. We know that a good photographs are an excellent tool to sell a property, but with photos you can’t show how the house you are selling is distributed, in this case you should use a floor plan to show the entire distribution, that way your buyers can visualize how the house is organized and what are the possible changes they would like to make. The reason for the visit to the property is to appreciate how the house look, how they feel inside the house and how its rooms work, if is difficult for your clients understand a 2D floor plan, you should use a 3D floor.

2.Improve the features of the house

Many times it is difficult for your clients to visualize the house of their dreams, they can’t see the forest for the trees. We recommend you make some virtual changes, remodel the main areas and show the changes in some renders, you will be surprise how they change their mind, I have seen this many times, although the house needs some improvements, what you can’t change is the location, if the property is located in the place they want but it is not in good condition, and they can’t affort buying a property ready to move, you could make a virtual remodeling and show how it will look, other realtors are doing the same such is the case of the famous brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott of the TV show Property Brothers.

3.Protects the privacy of sellers and saves time

Reduce the number of tours walking through a home throughout the selling period and help maintain the sellers’ private lives, if you show all the details of the house in your website or social network, you will help the buyers to discard the houses that least attract their attention. You will be able to save time by showing only the houses in which they are really interested, you can do this with photos, videos, renders, 2D floor plans, 3D floor plans, virtual staging, etc.

4.Use a virtual staging if you have a property without furniture

It’s a bad idea to try to sell an empty house, that’s why home staging was created, when you try to sell an empty house buyers focus on the negative details as the color of the walls or an old carpet and although the house has perfect finishes many people can’t visualize how furniture will fit in that space because when there is no reference point is difficult to understand how big or small is the space, if you do not have time or budget for a home staging the virtual staging helps you to visualize how that space works at a much accessible price.

5.Show Off Incomplete Homes

If you’re offering tours of houses in incomplete residential developments, 3D tech is absolutely necessary – you can use virtual tours to show off spaces that don’t actually exist yet, greatly increasing the window of opportunity to make a sale.

6.Prepare for the Future

3D tech is still a relative newcomer in the real estate world. Don’t be afraid and take that step forward to your competition, attract your clients with technology and show them the house of their dreams.

I hope you liked the article and if you have any questions you can comment below, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help, I have been surprised how much 3D technology has helped me with my clients.