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About us

About us

Who we are?

“Plan Lineal” is the beginning of a dream between two people with the same vision, people that love each other very much and today they are husband and wife

From this vision comes an idea, combining our joint efforts with our respective professions (Architecture and Electrical Engineering) and in the middle of the most terrible crisis of our country Venezuela, we decided to help others with our skills and offer our services around the world; this is not only about selling plans and projects, it is about working with love and passion, while keeping commitment and excellence to meet your expectations, anyone can draw a plan, but few can draw what you plan.

Our goal is to help you with the development of your project, doing what the client says is easy, but we can identify what the client wants and then present an idea of potentially added value that they didn’t know existed.

Let us be a part of your plan, and your project, Would you like to remodel your house or expand your office or just want to sell a property? we want to help you make this plan possible.

The future is of those who love God and take risks.

“if you can dream it, we can draw it”