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Our vision says:

“Plan Lineal seeks to become the ideal partner of any real estate agent or contractor who wants to enhance their real estate marketing through digital tools, 3D technology and other services we offer.”

It sounds a bit titanic to want to become a global ideal partner for anyone who wants build, it’s true, but what are dreams if you do not dream big? our goal starts here, believing first in God, in us and in you; Of course in you too, because if you are a real estate agent, a contractor dedicated to the construction and remodeling of real estate or if you’re just curious, we want to let you know that what you propose you can achieve if you have faith, we believe that “Anything is possible if a person believes.” accompany us to give you a guided tour through our products and services, and show you everything we can do for you, also if you want to feel inspired to fulfill that goal that you thought impossible, you can continue reading Maybe our story will help you.

Let’s start with my good friend contractor, suppose you are stuck at a crossroads, on the one hand you feel you can do everything and you have great ideas, but on the other hand your clients do not understand you, you feel that no matter how you would explain what you can do for them, they still do not trust you, and to generate confidence you must have some project and to have a project, the client must trust you, totally paradoxical but true, or if you are a realtor, you come across with that client who wants to sell his house and has no money to remodel, and when you enter the property you find unpainted walls, a broken floor and furniture worn by time, difficult sale, but not impossible for you, you are the one indicated for the job, you know you can do it and as I told you at the beginning, we believe in you, here in PlanLineal we have a good group of tools that will help you with everything what you need, we are sure of that, whether you work with remodeling or if you are a real estate agent, we can help you.

We currently live in a purely digital era, the more digital tools you manage, the more confidence you can generate, because it is easier to demonstrate your ideas in digital format than in physical format, for example, if you want to demonstrate that you can remodel a house, on the physical plane You should carry many tools (nails, hammers, wood, etc.) and start remodeling the entire space and after finishing it you will be able to observe all the work, but in the digital world, there are many tools that allow you to dazzle customers before moving the first nail from the toolbox.

And yes, I know you will say “I already have experience and I have a whole portfolio with a hundred photos of previously made works” or you can say “there is no impossible sale for me, I sold houses impossible to sell only with my words” and Yes, you are right, but many times customers want to see something more, something specific, something that they can see in a space that they want and know well, that’s where we enter; and we do not intend to belittle your knowledge of remodeling or interior design or your skills as a salesperson, what we want is to enhance what you already have in mind with all our services. In PlanLineal there is a small but well-prepared group of professionals who have already worked in the construction industry and can help you, and for having reached this point and accompanying us we want to share an offer, an offer that we can call “offer of trust”. After reading some of the services described below and sharing the publication, you can contact us through any of our social networks, through the contact form, leaving a comment on this blog or contact us directly at contact@planlineal.com and tell us what you think about the article and your desire to know more about the offer of trust, we will be waiting for you.


Continuing with our special services for you, we have the following:


You may wonder: How will a 3D render help me? And you may feel that this service is only for wealthy people, but it is not, our 3D rendering service allows you to plan the design of a property at an affordable price and if you still do not have any project in mind, we can help.

If we talk about interior design, we know that in many occasions being able to see mentally as a space should be after a remodeling, is complicated, not everyone has that intuitive ability to imagine those changes and imagine how that interior design should look, but that’s not a problem; Our 3D Render will help you determine the changes you want and the changes that customers want in any space of their home, and plan more specifically that interior design, this will generate the confidence you want or show all the potential of the property without remodel and prevent the client from spending more money before selling the property.

The advantage of 3D rendering is that you can see in detail a specific space of a property, the disadvantage is that when there are many spaces the client may want something cheaper, but we can also solve that.



If the renovations are very extensive, around the whole property, you can make use of this tool, which allows you to have a complete visual of the whole space, isometric type or plant view, to provide a specific detail to the client and let him know how his remodeling will look once completed.

In the case of a sale of a property that is completely empty, without furniture, perhaps the potential buyers do not understand well the proportion of the spaces, for those cases a 3D floor plan with furniture will allow you to better show the spaces and incorporate furniture to the model some type of furniture that is liked by the buyer, all to help buyers visualize themselves in their new home.



There are times when you can have some excellent photos of the interior spaces of the property, but these spaces are empty, we do not recommend that you simply present some photos without furniture, that gives to the spaces a feeling of emptiness.

The VIRTUAL STAGING service allows you to show those photos after giving them a digital improvement, in this way you can show the difference between a room and a dining room, for example, you can also achieve that feeling of harmony, we are sure that showing an image with furniture you will be able to better capture the attention of your clients.



You can give a detailed view of a whole property and show both the final result of a remodeling, as the distribution of the spaces of it, this allows you to do a first contact with your client., investing a little less than in a 3D FLOOR PLAN, you can create  confidence in the client, you can show the divisions that your client want to do and the arrangement of the furniture will be, including also presenting the spaces that currently do not have furniture with all the furniture that can be placed.

The 2D plane with colors will help you to explain the distribution of the whole space, do a small presentation or even offer it as a gift, this allow the client to make the distributions he wishes, writing on the color plane, to then offer him a 2D textured plane with all the modifications he wanted, the options are endless.



The main tool of every contractor is the architectural plan, this plan is the beginning of all remodeling or construction projects and here at PlanLineal we take care all your projects, all these services are developed by architecture professionals, we will give you all the necessary advice to make your design come true, we are here to serve.

Remember, if your client wants to do a remodeling, in many countries it is necessary to present a plan with the remodeling to the pertinent authorities, to obtain the construction permits, do not allow them to reject your work, prohibit it or charge you fines, on PlanLineal you have your ally, with our plans developed by professionals and a signature of an architect registered in your country, you will surely receive your building permits without any problem.



The newest of our services we have to offer is the Flyer, this flyer tool is being widely used by many sales experts and developers. Can you imagine having your own magazine? Well we can help you to make your project portfolio look like a professional magazine, show any of our services one by one, will help you, we are sure of that, but why not do something else? Why not improve a little more? Giving something extra will always make you stand out, because it is well known that the details, the small details are the ones that sell the most and those that most attract the attention of the public.



Last but not least, our premium services, these services are our services VIP, they are for people who really want something special, these services are for developing projects from nothing, if you only have one piece of ground and no idea, but you want to build something new, our premium services is for you, we can develop for you a whole construction project from scratch, a house or even your commercial premises, if you want to remodel all your house and you need a different interior design, something out of series, you have come to the right place, let us be part of your dream, of your project.

If you want more information contact us, because we want to know you, know what your dream is, what is your goal and give you all the support you need, write to us at contact@planlineal.com, leave your comment below this post or fill out the contact form and we will be happy to answer you.


All these products, that we have presented you until now, are only tools, but for everything to work, something important is needed, something that is not appears just around the corner, and it is the faith and the confidence in yourself, believe in yourself and these tools will help you, because all this added to your attitude and ability will give you the strength and drive necessary to achieve everything you propose, of course, only if you believe.

If you have a project and you have doubts, contact us, we will help you, we will not charge you for listening, or just leave your comment below and we will gladly help you, you can also share this post, someone can benefit from this information and you will also help us, remember to never stop dreaming.